10 Great Foods To Fuel Your Run


Scientists have long proven walnuts as a great source of alpha-linoleic and linoleic acid, giving your body the necessary fatty acids it needs for energy. In addition, this wonder food encourages you to get a better night’s sleep because it is a great source of melatonin, giving you more energy to spend during the day.

Grass-fed beef

Grass-fed beef is a great addition to fuel your run. The meat from grass-fed cows contains four times more vitamin E than the meat from other cows. The beef also contains three times more Omega-3 fats, an important energy source, than other beef. In addition, this food is perfect to fuel your run because it is high in beta-carotene, iron, and linoleic acid.


Broccoli is a great energy food when eaten raw or steamed. Boiling it for even 5 minutes causes it to lose 30 percent of its nutrients, and if you boil it for 10, then you lose 50 percent of the nutrients. This food helps to reduce inflammation so you won’t stop because of pain as you move throughout your day.


Egg whites

Egg whites are a super way to ensure you have plenty of energy for your run. This food is high in protein and carbohydrates, both essential to keep you running. The great news is that it is also high in choline, which helps to reduce inflammation.

Non-fat mozzarella cheese

Non-fat mozzarella cheese is a great source of carbohydrates to keep you running strong throughout the race. Each 1-ounce slice contains 9 grams of protein. The great news for runners is that it is very easy to take along on the run.

Foie gras

Foie gras

Foie gras is very high in protein ensuring that you have the energy needed for your next run. It is also high in vitamin A so that your bones stay healthy and your body does not use excess energy to repair bones. It is also a great source of copper, ensuring your heart works well too.


Bananas are a great source for carbohydrates and are great at providing natural sugars that your body needs. In addition, bananas are rich in fiber, which helps you feel full and keeps you regular. Finally, bananas are high in potassium, helping to stop cramps. Also, they are a rich source of melatonin.



Your mother really was right; a bowl of oatmeal in the morning is a great way to fuel your run throughout the day. Oatmeal is high in carbohydrates and naturally helps to raise your sugar level providing more energy for you.



Cantaloupe is a great food to keep you running all day long. The reason is that the water content in cantaloupe helps you stay well hydrated. The melons that are best for you are those that farmers pick ripe and sell at farmers markets because the longer they are out of the field, the fewer nutrients they have.



Blackberries not only taste great, they are also great at keeping sugar levels even so you have energy regardless of when you get your run in. Eating blackberries each day also helps to keep the heart working properly. Feel free to fill up on blackberries because they are also very low in calories.

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