Tips For Stain-Free Nails

Your manicure and pedicure may look great now. However, depending on what color was used, you are likely to be dealing with nail polish stained nails after it’s all removed. Darker colors and shades of red often result in natural nails that are yellow-tinged, seemingly forcing you into covering them up again (only to compound the problem). No need to live this way forever, though; there are a few things you can do to escape this vicious cycle.


Saturate the entire cotton ball when removing polish

Saturating the entire cotton ball with nail polish remover will ensure that all the nail polish is lifted from the nail quickly and completely. It also helps to never reuse the same cotton ball, although, if you plan to do this, purchasing rolled cotton is a good idea so that you are not wasting 20 cotton balls each time you remove your hand and foot polish.

Use lemon juice on your bare nails

lemon juice

Blend lemon juice together with baking soda and coat each bare nail with the mixture. There are some mixed reviews on the effectiveness of this way and it seems to depend on the severity of the nail polish stains. The theory is that lemon juice tends to act as an astringent, lightening your yellow-stained nails back to their healthy white or pink.

Buff your nails

Did the lemon juice do its job? If not, or if your stained nails are only partially restored, then you can use a buffer to get rid of any remaining yellow. This is a desperation step, only to be implemented if nothing else has worked, as buffing too much can cause nail thinning and damage. Take a buffer and swipe back and forth across your nails until they are pink and shiny.

Let your nails breathe

An endless cycle of manicuring, pedicuring, removing, and re-painting can weaken your nails and cause more permanent staining. It’s smart to give your nails a break from polish every now and then. If you aren’t going to a job interview or a special event, waiting there or four days before re-painting your nails will give them time to return completely to a healthy color.

When re-painting, always apply a base coat

After you’ve let your nails get some oxygen, you will probably want to polish them again. To avoid causing stains once more, make sure that you apply a base coat this time. Although you may have rolled your eyes at this manicuring step before, it’s actually a very important barrier between your delicate nails and the pigmented polish. Coating each nail with a base coat before applying the color will inhibit stains from appearing.
With patience, your nail polish stained nails may become a thing of the past. Avoiding dark colors, using a base coat, and applying home remedies when nails do become yellow are all ways to keep your nails a healthy, attractive shade. These simple care tips will prevent unsightly stains while allowing you to still enjoy a vampy manicure or pedicure.

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