Tips For Shaving Eyebrows

Dermatologists and estheticians generally do not recommend shaving eyebrows. This is because the skin surrounding the brows is sensitive and prone to ingrown hairs and irritation. If you are sensitive to waxing, plucking, and hair removal cream, you may prefer shaving. It is a very convenient and fast beauty routine. These professional shaving tips can make the process easier, prevent ingrown hairs, and ensure that you get the shape you want every time.

Exfoliate before shaving

You should always exfoliate before tweezing. Exfoliating removes the top layer of dead skin, revealing healthier and younger skin. Dead skin cells are on of the main causes of ingrown hairs. By exfoliating before each shave, you can reduce your chance of getting ingrown hair bumps and get a closer shave. Use a gritty exfoliator or scrub with a face scrubbing brush. If you do not have a face scrubbing brush, you can use your fingertips and rub the product into your skin in small circular motions.

Moisturize regularly

Facial moisturizer adds hydration to the skin and helps maintain elasticity. Apply facial moisturizer with SPF daily to keep your skin looking healthy and make shaving effortless. Elastic skin is less likely to get irritated and have ingrown hairs. You will be able to get a closer shave, allowing you to shave less frequently.

Try pre-shave oil

Pre-shave oil is readily available at drugstores and retail stores. Men to prep their facial skin before shaving, but works wonders for women as well mainly use it. Wash your first before applying pre-shave oil, especially if you are prone to breakouts or have oily skin. Dab a few drops of oil onto your eyebrows and surrounding skin. Rub it in thoroughly. Wait 10 minutes before shaving to ensure that your skin has absorbed the oil. This tip helps you get the closest and most comfortable shave possible.

Use an eyebrow shaper

Do not use a standard shaving razor. Most are too large for the eyebrows and can cause accidents, such as cuts and removing too much hair. Try an eyebrow shaper instead. This handy tool is usually less then 2 inches wide. It has a very sharp razor that provides a close and accurate shave. There are different brands of eyebrow shapers available at drugstores and retail stores. They do not look like typical shaving razors and tend to have only one ultra-fine blade.


Outline your desired shape

You should always outline your desired shape before shaving. It helps keep your brows even and symmetrical. It also helps prevent over-shaving the eyebrow hairs. The easiest way to create an outline is to draw it on the brows with regular black eyeliner. If you have black eyebrows, try colored eyeliner. Check your outlines on both eyebrows before shaving to ensure that the shape is symmetrical.
Shaving is not the most recommended hair removal method, but can come in handy when you are crunched for time. It can also be a good solution for individuals who have a low pain tolerance to waxing, tweezing, and threading. Try implementing these tips into your current beauty routine. They can help you achieve professional looking brows in the comfort of your own home.

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