Mens Eyebrow Grooming Techniques

Eyebrow grooming has become an important step for men in keeping a clean, polished look. A man who is well-groomed looks trustworthy and proficient. It’s amazing what a difference such a little task can make. Your eyebrow grooming technique is about bringing out the natural shape of the brow and removing unruly over-growth. The good news is most of you need only remove a bit of length, bulk, and a few stray hairs to look really well-groomed.

Eyebrow grooming

Eyebrow grooming techniques 1 – Remove bulk

Over time eyebrow hair will become long and unruly, making the eyebrows look unkempt. Start with a fine-tooth comb and a small eyebrow or beard trimming scissors. Comb the eyebrow hair in an upward direction against the grain and trim any excess length that extends above your natural brow. Next, run the comb down through the eyebrows and trim any excess that extends below the eyebrow. Try not to cut too short the first time around, this step is just to eliminate bulk. You can always cut more after taking a look.

Eyebrow grooming techniques 2 – Define the shape

Comb eyebrow hair in its natural direction. Using a tweezers carefully pluck any stray hairs from under the eyebrows. Be careful to remove only the hair that grows outside the natural shape of the eye brows. (For now ignore the hairs between the eyebrows.) Again, start with plucking only few and then stand back to get a better perspective before going further. Don’t get pluck-happy and pluck too many hairs. Focus on any hairs that are outside your natural brow and then put down the tweezers and slowly back away.

Eyebrow grooming techniques 3 – Between the brows

A good rule of thumb for pleasing aesthetics is to line up the start of the eyebrow at about the middle of the nostril. Do this by holding a comb (or other straight object) vertically from your nostril to your eyebrow. Where the comb meets the eyebrow should be the start of your eyebrow, so gently tweeze any hair outside your guide. Then repeat the process on the other side.

Eyebrow grooming techniques 4 – Don’t use trimmers or a razor

Using a razor on your eyebrows is not advised. Since the hair is cut evenly at the skin level, it will show up quickly and if your hair is dark, it can look like a 5 o’clock shadow between your brows. Not a good look.

Eyebrow grooming techniques 5 – Let the professionals do it

Waxing, threading and sugaring, are some other good eyebrow grooming techniques, especially if you are looking for lower maintenance. Most salons and some upscale barbershops offer waxing. An added benefit with waxing is that the regrowth becomes less and less after a number of appointments. You can also do-it-yourself, if you feel confident, with an at-home kit once you have a guideline to go by. With threading and sugaring, best results are achieved by seeing a professional.
Taking control of disorderly brows is now considered part of pulling it all together. Any eyebrow grooming technique you incorporate into your routine will pay dividends.

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