Homemade Banana Dream Face Mask

Bananas have been known as an extremely good source of nutrition for a long time. It was sailors who first brought them to North America; bananas were brought over from Africa sometime within the fifteenth century. However, the historical bananas eaten by sailors were much different; they were not as sweet, and often more of a reddish or green color. Today’s bananas have a much sweeter taste and can range from green, when not ripened, through bright yellow and brown, when over ripened. It is these over ripened bananas that are good for the skin. The ripened banana contains several important nutrients, including vitamins A, B, and E; all of these are extremely beneficial to the skin. Follow these steps to craft your very own banana face mask.

face mask
Gather one or two medium over ripened bananas (blackened), one tablespoon of pure honey, a quarter cup of ground oats, two or three pinches of crushed almonds, and a half a cup of mineral water.

This face mask is incredibly easy to make. To start, mash the over ripened banana to a fine mush in a bowl. The end mush should not have any chunks; ideally, you want the mush to be as fine as possible. If it is easier, you can throw the bananas into a blender. Blend on high for one to two minutes, and then put the mixture back into a bowl.

Use finely crushed almonds for the next step whenever possible. If all you have is almonds, you can achieve this by putting chopped up almonds into a freezer bag, sealing the bag, and then running a rolling pin over the bag until you have an almost powdered almond mixture.

Mix the crushed almonds into the banana paste. Next, add the honey and mix very well. You want the honey to spread throughout the mixture, so be sure it is well distributed. Add in the oats a little at a time, mixing well each time. You should end up with what appears to be an almost thick paste.

Add the mineral water until you have a paste that is of a thick consistency. The goal is to have a paste that will apply to the face easily, and stay on where you put it; if your paste is still dry to the touch or dough-like, you need more mineral water. Conversely, if you find you pick some up in your fingers and it drips right off, you’ve added too much mineral water. If this happens, just add more oats until you achieve an even consistency.

Apply the mixture to your face, you should avoid the eye area. Then, leave on for around 30 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly. Use mineral water to rinse for an extra healthy burst of cleaning. After that, gently pat your skin dry with a soft cotton towel.

This banana face mask recipe is perfect for those who have issues with combination skin. It is also a good choice for those who tend to have dry skin. However, if you have any areas of broken skin, face masks should be avoided except under the recommendation of a physician. The great thing about food-based face masks is that they tend to be exceptionally safe. As an added bonus, they usually smell delicious as well.

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