Four Easy Steps For Beautifully Cut Toenails

Many men and women love to manicure their hands and feet. They often rely on professionals to provide this service to them and are unaware of how easy it is to do at home. People agree that cutting toenails is a way of grooming yourself, which is why it is a part of a pedicure. A pedicure is a therapy designed to lessen dead skin and improve your overall foot care. The therapy includes soaking your feet, cutting toenails, and removal of any excess dead skin. Women often add color to their toenails after pedicures, and some men apply a protective coat.


Preparing your toenails for an even cut

Using a footbath, soak your feet at a desired temperature. If you have the massage option, adjust it as well; this helps your skin and toenail to soften faster. Allow your feet to soak for a minimum of 20 minutes before cutting toenails. The idea is to cut your toenails evenly. When your toenails are hard, they are hard to cut, and may even crack in some areas, preventing you from having an even toenail.

Cutting toenails properly

cut toenailsDry your feet completely off, and while your nails are still soft, begin cutting your toenails. It is usually easier to begin with the smallest nail first; choose the length you want your toenails, and press on your toenail clippers. If it does not cut right away, do not force the nail clippers to cut your nails; you may need to soak this toe a little longer. After cutting all of your toenails, evenly soak your feet once more for 5 minutes, using warmer water, in preparation for the next step.

Toenail filing

At this point, your nails should have a very soft texture. After cutting your toenails and soaking them for an extra five minutes, file them with a metal file or emery board. Filing after cutting toenails ensures that your nails are even and smooth. The texture of your nails allows you to file your toenails in about 15 minutes.


Buffing your nails is done after filing, adding shine to your nails. It also takes away some of the residue left from filing your nails. Sometimes buffers are located on the opposite side of emery boards and files. When you are buffing your toenails, make sure that you cover the base and body of the nail. After you finish buffing, wipe your feet with a damp rag.

Soaking and cutting toenails are things commonly done to maintain foot care. Cutting your toenails prevents the look of overgrown nails that are known to scratch you or make your shoes hurt. Pedicures are usually provided by professionals, but are easily done at home. This foot therapy allows people to comfortably soak their feet, which makes the toenails softer, and is an effective way of cutting toenails. Too hard toenails often crack, when they are being cut, which may cause you to have an uneven toenail, when your idea was to add beauty to your sandals, and comfort to your feet.

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